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  • BlockWeb is a component container. You have to create one in order to work with DCRF as components cannot exist on the air.
  • Each Block has its container (BlockWeb). It can host a BlockWeb inside itself too. This can build a hierarchy.
  • Each BlockWeb has a unique ID and upon instantiation will start listening on the network for incomping requests.
  • Each BlockWeb can connect to another BlockWeb (given its unique name and IP address and port).
  • Each block can call service of blocks inside its parent BlockWeb or peer BlockWebs.
  • Each connection is two-way (bidirectional).
  • Each Block has two important elements: Connectors and Services.
  •  A service is a functionality that the block provides for outer world. For example log service.
  • A connector is an input that Block requires in order to work. In fact three better known concepts are embedded in this concept: Properties, Events and Dependencies. Outer world (application, other blocks, ...) have to assign values to connectors of a Block before working with it. 

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