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To all dear visitors: This project has evolved to the next generation: DARF (Dynamic Application Runtime Framework). I have created the project homepage on the CodePlex.

So please stay tuned until I upload project contents to the new homepage: :-)


Dynamic Component Runtime Framework

DCRF is a fully customizable, super-flexible, component based software development framework that helps you author your components, connect/compose them, instantiate them at runtime and use them in an application.

Most important features:

  • Supports distributed components
  • Management console application
  • XML based component composition and instantiation

Important documentations:


The most important point that needs to be considered is that using this project in a single job, will not decrease your implementation efforts (actually they will be increased). But the real advantage and power of this library comes when you re-use your components in other tasks/projects. DCRF allows you to:
- Develop components which are completely isolated from outer world
- Inject your components in a 'BlockWeb' at runtime
- Connect a BlockWeb components to each other to provide components with required interfaces, dynamically at runtime.
- Call component services and obtain the result.

In this framework, a component is called 'Block'. Actually I had to rename it from 'Component' to 'Block' to prevent interference and ambiguity with .NET default Component class.

I have not yet prepared a complete and accurate documentation. This is number one item in this project's TO-DO list :)

Additional information on this project will be available soon.

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