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Sample screenshot:


This is some kind of "Host" because it hosts a set of blocks. 

Blocks folder specified where these blocks are located (assembly files of your blocks in addition to required dependencies).

Each BlockWeb (container of a set of blocks) has to have a unique id (in this sample 'test'). 

When you press "START" button , BlockWebHost is started. It will look up for blocks in the given folder and add them to a new, fresh BlockWeb. After that, it will listen on incoming requests to its blockweb. The address of this instance of BlockWebHost will be what specified as "BlockWeb Address". 

Any DCRF enabled application on the network, can connect to this BlockWebHost remotely and work with it (add blocks, call block services, store and retrieve information and properties ...).


"RELOAD" button re-reads the Blocks folder and adds newly added Block files.

"SHUTDOWN" stops the BlockWebHost instance.

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