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You can see a sample screenshot of AdminConsole. 

The task of this application is to connect to an instance of BlockWebHost (using its address) and monitor its status along with some primitive management operations (invoke a service, add block, ...).

As you can see, there are 4 resizable panes in AdminConsole so you can connect to 4 different instances of BlockWebHosts at the same time and manage them.


When you are connected to a BlockWebHost, you can see its structure in a treeview structure. 

Peers: List of other BlockWebs that are connected to the host. As it is shown in the screenshot above, the only peer of the BlockWeb inside the BlockWebHost is "AdminConsole". This is because, AdminConsole creates an empty BlockWeb and connects to the BlockWebHost through it.


Blocks: List of blocks inside the BlockWeb. Each block has its own services and Connectors. You can invoke a service or a connector by giving inputs and view outputs.


Global Connectors: BlockWeb-level connectors.

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